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Tomato and green bean products have been at the heart of our business for over 50 years. At one time Beckman & Gast was the largest canner of turtle soup in the nation. We have since left the turtle soup market and have focused strictly on tomato and green bean products. Today, Beckman & Gast processes a limited number of products primarily for the retail market. All products are processed in our two Ohio facilities. We also run a farm operation that produces a large portion of the vegetables we process. This integration allows our operation to have a firm grip on the quality of raw vegetables as well as having an entire department dedicated to agriculture. Only 100% fresh vegetables are used in our canning facilities.  Because we are so close to our growing area and we schedule harvesting so carefully, products go from picked to packed within 24 hours, capturing the freshest flavor and retaining essential vitamins and nutrients for our customers. * We do not manufacturer products from tomato past, storage tanks processes, or previously frozen vegetables. We enjoy bringing a quality product straight from the field to the table.

We are a private label and have Beckman’s Branded product.

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