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The Beckman & Gast Co. is a small organization yet has nearly all the values of dealing with a large processor.  We offer a wide range of sales options including: direct sales via our offices, sales via food brokers, inter canner agreements, co-packer agreements, and sales to governmental agencies.  Beckman & Gast also offers a variety of shipment options including, mixed loads, less than truckload orders, multiple stop shipments, and customer pick-up.  We are capable of receiving orders via EDI, fax, email, and verbally over the phone.  We can send invoices via EDI, fax, or US mail.  Many new sales opportunities involve sending out samples, credit checks, references, and checking freight rates; we would be glad to work with you in resolving these issues.

The Beckman & Gast Co. does a tremendous amount of business through private label accounts.  We are well equipped to handle different labels, pallet exchange, rental pallets, stacking variations, and case packaging options.  Customer specific container price coding, box printing, and pallet tags vary from customer to customer and we can handle nearly all types.  Although we have a list of core products, our facilities, equipment, and resources make it possible for us to produce products with various piece sizes, product flavorings, and ingredients.  We are a fresh pack processor and therefore we will need those recipes prior to processing.

Short notice shipments, out of stock next day shipments, and changes in delivery dates are not an issue for us.  As a customer of Beckman & Gast, we can often label and stage your order for shipment within a few hours.  Economically speaking, we like to have the production schedule set to reduce downtime and changeovers, however our labeling and shipping departments are equipped to can handle those “emergency” loads.  Rapid turn around will keep your product on the shelves, and if you don’t have product on the shelves we don’t have product on the shelves.

Customer Service is our best selling point.  In an industry that is nearly commodity sales, customer service is what sets Beckman & Gast apart.  Sales, customer service, and shipping go hand-in-hand at Beckman & Gast.  The same people who process new orders handle all customer service and shipping.  When you call Beckman & Gast a “live” person will answer and handle the situation directly and immediately. To speak with a customer service representative call Terri Gast at (419) 678-4195.

We take very seriously the needs of our customers, and realize that market conditions do change.  We also understand that consumer desires and trends also affect the market supply and demand.  Outstanding customer service is not always enough.  Price and terms will often close the sale. We are both price competitive and terms flexible.  Beckman & Gast is continually looking for new opportunities to increase our customer base as well as retain loyal customers.

Beckman & Gast is located 50 miles north west of the I75-I70 interchange in Ohio and in the heartland of the nation. To speak with a sales representative call Paul Moorman at (419) 678-4195.

We regret to inform you that at this time we do not offer online sales.

The content of this web page is general information only, for specific options please contact our offices.
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