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Who we are

barnBeckman & Gast is a family owned and operated food processor located in west central Ohio. We have been processing tomatoes since 1928 and green beans since 1952. Manufacturing products for our own Beckmans brand as well as many private labels has been the mainstay of our business from day one. Consistent quality, low cost, and superior customer service has developed a loyal customer base as well as new business for us. Family ownership and operation has allowed our management staff to have literally grown up in the factory. Not being the biggest processor allows Beckman & Gast to offer some very personable service and timely delivery options. Take a few minutes to see what we can offer.

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Our history

  • 1922 –Lewis Gast, Henry Beckman, and Luke Beckman (Lewis’s father-in-law and brother-in-law) purchase a dry goods store in downtown St. Henry.  Just six years later the partnership would be canning tomatoes.
  • 1930 –Lewis and Luke sold the dry goods store to a local businessman and purchased a 160-acre farm in Cranberry Prairie.  This purchase marks the beginning of our vertical integration of farmer and processor.
  • 1943 –Luke and Lewis purchase the Minster Canning Co. as a partnership.
  • 1950 –Lewis Gast sold his interest in the Minster Canning Co. to Luke Beckman, and Luke sold his shares of The Beckman & Gast Co. to Lewis Gast and Sons. Lewis and his sons opted to keep “The Beckman & Gast Co.” as the corporate name. At that point Luke Beckman and his family are operating the Minister Canning Co. and Lewis and his sons are operating the canning factory in St. Henry. Lewis and his sons finish out the decade purchasing a facility in Osgood, Ohio and begin canning green beans.
  • 1960 –The second generation of the Gast family control the day-to-day operation of the canning company.  Lewis and Leona’s four sons (Jim, Bob, Bill, & John) and son-in-law (Jack) all play major rolls in the operation of the company.

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Mission Statement

We, the owners and employees of The Beckman and Gast Co., are committed to providing quality products to the industry in which we serve.  Consistent product quality and superior customer service shall be at the heart of our business practices. We will continue to expand our business to reflect the needs of our customers and the industry.  Reinvestment into our business operations to increase product quality and profitability shall be on a continuing basis.  Honesty, integrity, respect for others, and the principal of stewardship shall be reflected in the manner in which we conduct our business.



The Beckman & Gast Co. is a small organization yet has nearly all the values of dealing with a large processor.  We offer a wide range of sales options including: direct sales via our offices, sales via food brokers, inter canner agreements, co-packer agreements, and sales to governmental agencies.  Beckman & Gast also offers a variety of shipment options including, mixed loads, less than truckload orders, multiple stop shipments, and customer pick-up.  We are capable of receiving orders via EDI, fax, email, and verbally over the phone.  We can send invoices via EDI, fax, or US mail.  Many new sales opportunities involve sending out samples, credit checks, references, and checking freight rates; we would be glad to work with you in resolving these issues.

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Our team

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